Normativa Champions League [PC]

1. Competition Structure

1.1 24 to 32+ teams (24, 28, 32, +32)
1.2 Champions League Format: Groups Stage (Home and Away) + Knockout Stage (Home and Away)
1.3 4 teams per groups:

24 teams: 6 groups
28 teams: 7 groups
32 teams: 8 groups
+32 teams: 32 teams will play the GOLDEN VP League and waiting teams + eliminated teams from GVPL (in Groups Stage) may play the SILVER VP League

1.4 How to qualify:

24 teams: 1st and 2nd qualify directly to Knockout Stage with Top 4 3rd teams to 1/8.
28 teams: 1st and 2nd qualify directly to KS with Top 2 3rd teams to 1/8.
32 teams: 1st and 2nd qualify directly to 1/8.

1.5 Knockout Stage:

1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and Final.


2. Match Results

2.1 The team manager MUST enter the correct match results into the correct match thread on the forum from the completed game.
2.2 This MUST be done by both teams and each must give confirm or deny the results posted by the opponents
2.3 Results MUST be submitted within 24 hours of the game being completed, otherwise it will be considered automatically valid.
2.4 The team manager MUST enter the correct match results into the VPN match day, otherwise it will be considered automatically not valid.


3. Competition Setup

3.1 Group Stage

3.1.1 Each team will play each opponent drawn in their particular group
3.1.2 Each fixture will be Home and Away. Fixtures are to be played on the same day, unless re-arranged by mutual agreement on the forum match thread.

3.1.3 Each fixture (Home and Away) are considered as separate games, with the opportunity to gain points in both games. 
Win: 3 points, Draw: 1 point, Loss: 0 Points
3.1.4 The first team that hosts the fixture will be the first team name that stands first in Match Thread headline, i.e. Barcelona FC vs Bayern Munchen ; Barcelona FC will host first. 

3.2 Knockout Stage:

3.2.1 Home and Away matches are to be played in the knockout stages
3.2.2 The team that has better goal difference proceeds to the next round
3.2.3 If the goal difference is level, the Away goal rule is applied.
3.2.4 In case of a perfect draw third match must be played.

3.3 Calendar:

16th FEBRUARY: Registrations open to re-confirm the participation of each team, including more information about the team (captains, playing times, contacts...)
23rd FEBRUARY: Registrations get closed (except for russian teams, that will be able to re-confirm their participation till 24th february)
5hth MARCH: Groups stage, MATCH 1
12nd MARCH: Groups stage, MATCH 2
19th MARCH: Groups stage, MATCH 3
26th MARCH: Knockout stage, ROUND 1/8
2nd APRIL: Knockout stage, ROUND 1/4
9th APRIL: Knockout stage, ROUND 1/2
16th APRIL: Knockout stage, FINAL




4. Fixtures

4.1 Fixtures are set as default to be played on a Thursday
4.2 The team manager can request a change of day/date by recording this in the match thread within 24 hours from the allocated match
4.3 The day or date can ONLY be changed only if BOTH managers agree to the change
4.4 If an agreement cannot be reached the match MUST be played on the default day
4.5 The official reserve days are Friday and Sunday. The reserve day is only to be used to finish the games that may have been postponed from the default day.
4.6 If a team FAILS to attend an agreed fixture or an agreement on an alternative date, within 30 minutes after the agreed match time, the offending team receives a default 1-0 loss.


5. Match Times

5.1 Default Time 21:30 BST / CEST-1hr (GMT +1hr / Central Euro Summer Time -1hr)


5.2 Only one (1) Team Manager can ask for a change of match time within 24 hours of the day of the match
5.3 The time can be changed only if both teams agree, otherwise the default time will remain


6. Leaving the Match

6.1 It is allowed to leave the match in case of any problems within first 10 minutes of game time, in order to solve issues (player drop-outs or connection problems)
6.1.1 If a team receives a goal before minut 10 and the rival team leaves the match for any reason, the match has to be played again with 1-0 to the team that scored.
6.1.2 If a team leaves a match after minut 10 will be a default loss 0-1.

6.2 If a goal is scored before the 5th minute - it WILL be counted; even in case it has been scored whilst one of the teams was leaving the match6.3 You will have three (3) attempts to start the match. (To be clear, 3 complete invitations sent and received). 
6.3.1 After two (2) attempts and in agreement with both teams, it may be possible to propose that the game be moved to a reserve day (paragraph 4.5) . This will be ONLY possible if both sides accept the solution and that BOTH managers report this on the forum's thread instantly.

If there is no agreement after two attempts, 3rd attempt must be tried and it has to be played regardless of squad or lag problems.


7. Team Withdrawal from the competition

7.1 If a team leaves the competition in the group stage, all opponents will be awarded default wins 1-0 , even those already played
7.2 If a team leaves the competition in the knockout stage, the opponent team will proceed in the bracket.


8. Penalties in game

8.1 Any player that receives a red card will be able to play again after serving one (1) match ban
8.2 NO yellow card accumulation is applied in the tournament.


9. Help Requests

For issues outside of the rules and regulations regarding clarification and / or amendment to rules, squads, fixtures or any other related question or issue regarding the competition contact can be made to an Admin for support.

This must be done 24 hours PRIOR to a game / round starting and must be done NO LATER than 24 hours after the conclusion of a game / round.


10. Goalkeeper blocking

10.1 Goalkeeper blocking is NOT ALLOWED, even if the game engine allows it, any form of charging, moving and bugging opposite goalkeeper on any type of free kick, corner is prohibited
10.2 You MUST provide a video as proof (streaming or recorded video) that there was a clear charge on goalkeeper.
10.3 Any goals scored whilst the keeper is blocked will be cancelled. 
10.3.1 Depending on the severity of the case a team may get the default loss 1-0 for the keeper blocking.


11. Squad List / Rosters

11.1 The maximum number of players per squad/roster is twenty three (23) 
11.2 Each squad/roster list must be properly entered on VPN

11.3 The minimum number of players to play a GOLDEN VP League match is five (5)
11.3.1 Only players registered within the squad/roster are eligible to play in the competition
11.4 If a player that is not registered in the roster of his team by his captain plays an official match, his team will lose that match by default loss 1-0.

11.4 If the minimum number of 5 players cannot be obtained, the opposite team receives a default win 1-0.
11.5 If an ineligible player (not registered in the squad by his manager) plays an official match, his team will lose that match by default loss 1-0.
11.6 If a player changes the PSN/GT/OriginID during the tournament, his manager must report this on the forum two (2) hours prior to the game.
11.6.1 If it is found that a player has been swapped out for another user (outside of the registered squad), a default loss of 1-0 will be awarded.

11.7 Before Knockout Stages ALL squads MUST be submitted in order to avoid any issue.
11.7.1 If squads/rosters are submitted late:
* ? and ? November (first fixture) - Manager / Captain of your team gets one match ban
* If the squad/roster is still not submitted in time for your first fixture, your team receives default loss of 1-0

12The use of ANY is NOT allowed. If a team use the ANY, will lose that match by 1-0.

13. Cheats and Cheaters

13.1 The captains of the various teams will have to protect themselves and as a result, protect the entire community, checking the values ​​of its players even in matches outside the iFVPA, in order to prevent possible coalitions of players that use cheats, exploits etc
13.2 All videos posted or requested for the iFVPA competitions have to be checked first by the captain who will have obligation to report immediately any attempt to cheat.
13.3 ANY measure(s) used to glitch, hack or boost your Virtual Pro (using the +3, +4, +5 bug for e.g.) is strictly forbidden and will result in your team receiving a 1-0 default loss.

iFVPA retains the right to amend, change wholly or partially any of the rules or regulations above in any way they see fit to benefit the Pro Clubs community, the competition and its players, teams and sponsors alike.

Any decision made by Admin will be adhered to and will NOT be discussed once a decision has been made Joomla 3.3 Templates