Normativa FWCC [PS4]

FWCC 2015 will see all previous restrictions from 2012 on player numbers removed; allowing small 2 man clubs up to 11 man clubs to compete. To make the game as enjoyable to all, we’ve also reviewed our competition rules and regulations to make it as straightforward as possible.

Competition Setup

PRELIMINARY – Knockout Stages (Home & Away fixtures)

2nd Round – 4 Teams Per League, 4 Leagues (Home & Away fixtures)

Quarter Finals – Top 2 go through KO (Home & Away fixtures)

Semi Finals – KO (Home & Away fixtures)

Final – 2 legs (Home & Away fixtures)

Fixture Arrangement

All fixtures will be given an “end” date when each round must be completed.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to complete fixture(s) within this allotted time; failure to do so will see the result go unrecorded.

Home and Away Legs are to be played on the same match day, i.e. both played one after the other.

Results Submission

Knockout Stages

Following the completion of the both games, add the scores together and submit as one result,
i.e. Aggregate scores.

Home Leg: Team A 1 – 2 Team B
Away Leg: Team B 1 – 3 Team A
Final Result: Team A 4 – 3 Team B

In the event of a tie after 2 matches the away goals rule applies. If that is also equal then Golden Goal Applies. You must setup and start a 3rd Match the team listed first will be the home team, the first team to score will win. If it is a tie again, then the away team will become the home team, you must alternate until a team scores.

Group Stages

Each fixture will see points awarded, as would any normal group system within FIFA
3pts for a win / 1pt for a draw / 0pts for a loss.


It is your responsibility to prove you have Won in the event that a team disputes the result. To save us time in sorting out who is telling the truth, just snap a photo of the end result showing the team names and score. Where a result is contested and we do not receive any evidence then we may ask for a rematch or worse record match as not being played, which would result in both teams going out in KO or 0 pts awarded to both teams in the group stages. Anyone found trying to dispute a legitimate scoreline in the group stages and it is proven beyond all reasonable doubt, the team may be kicked out of the tournament.

Match organisation

You are expected to use the Club and Contact names provided to make contact with your opponents to ensure you can play the Match, if you agree to play the match on different day and/or time ensure it is confirmed in writing in case you need to refer back to it.

Why have a Default Day and Time, this is to ensure that matches are completed, not agreeing to play the match will cause problems in the competition for others, therefore we have to try and find a good solution for all. Pro Clubs community owners have been consulted and the following has been agreed as suitable.

Default Day Wednesday
– Day can be changed only if both managers agree to the change. However This must be BEFORE Wednesday NOT after.
– In the case of not having mutual agreement match must be played on the default day and time.
– If the teams agreed to play, and one team doesn’t turn up within 15 minutes after the agreed match time, it receives default 1-0 loss.

Default Time 21:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) :
– The time can be changed only if both teams agree, otherwise the default time 21:00 GMT will be forced.
– *For cases when the gap between timezones is more than 4 hours, and teams can’t find an agreement, contact Administration.

Match Rules

Hacked Pro’s are forbidden, any team found guilty will be removed from the tournament

Video evidence will be required

You have a 15 minute grace period to turn up to the match after this time you will automatically Lose the Matches.

Home Team must Invite the Away team from within the friendly option within Pro Clubs (first team listed invite first for Home & Away)

All formations are permitted

Having your entire team sent off and therefore forfeiting the match is prohibited and will see an automatic loss – if this is repeated then the team will be removed from the competition.

Connection Issues

Each Team will have 3 attempts to start the game using clubs invite

Home teams are to invite the Away team

If a disconnection occurs within the first 5 minutes “Game time”, RESTART THE MATCH

If a team suffers a disconnection after 5 minutes, the game should be restarted and the “remaining time left” in the game is to be played with the scores remaining as it was prior to disconnection.

Other Miscellaneous areas NOT COVERED above

We will NOT be dealing with the following:

Kick off glitch

Blocking of Keepers from drop kicks, corners, free kicks

Arguments, petulance, verbal threats or any form of abuse

We DO NOT CONDONE any form of abuse and by organising this competition ONLY, we do not monitor people’s behaviour, their conduct and have no control OR responsibility from what they say or do.



For disputes relating to:

Incorrect Results

Any other area not covered by those recorded above

Must all be submitted via the FWCC Help button onsite!

If you have tried everything in your power to get the game played before Midnight on the deadline day and have proof like messages etc. and the game has not been played, you must submit a 0-0 Did Not Show result.


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